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Student Update: Disruption to London transport services - Sunday 8 January to Monday 9 January

Friday 6 January 2017

London transport services will be disrupted if potential strike action by certain tube trade union members goes ahead from 6pm on Sunday 8 January to 6pm on Monday 9 January.

QMUL will endeavour to provide a normal service throughout this time and you are expected to attend classes as usual. Please take the time to plan alternative ways to get to university, and check the Transport for London (TfL) website before you travel.

Notice of any strikes and the potential impact to travel in London will be available on the TfL website: https://tfl.gov.uk/. 

Planned strike action: 24-hour strike from 6pm on Sunday 8 January to 6pm Monday 9 January 

If the strikes go ahead

  • The strike is by tube station staff, which means a number of stations will not open.
  • No Zone 1 tube stations will be open inside the Circle line boundary.
  • Stations that do open are likely to open later and close earlier than usual.
  • A restricted number of underground services will be running.
  • Normal tube services are expected to resume by the morning of Tuesday 10 January.

Key actions

  • Look now for alternative routes or methods of transport to get to university.
  • Allow longer journey times as alternative routes and transport methods might be busier than usual.
  • Check the TfL website for live updates before you travel: https://tfl.gov.uk/.

Information for students sitting exams

Please be aware that you must get to your examinations on time. All examinations will take place as normal during the planned strike period. If you are late for an exam or miss it because of travel disruption due to these strikes, you will not be able to claim this as an extenuating circumstance because the strikes were known about in advance.

Planned strikes do not always go ahead, sometimes being called off at the last minute, so please do check the TfL website for updates before you travel: https://tfl.gov.uk/.

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