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New study spaces and improved facilities at the Mile End Library

Wednesday 4 January 2017

The £1.5million refurbishment project to improve study space and facilities at the Mile End Library is now complete. This project was launched in response to your feedback that you’re looking for more inspiring and relevant study and learning experiences within our libraries. We plan to continue improvements with future upgrades and refurbishments so you can enjoy the latest in library technology and facilities along with the skill, knowledge, advice and expertise of our staff.

Highlights of the refurbishment 

  • A new active learning and study centre, featuring a 57-seat training room and a range of additional group study and consultation rooms 
  • A new 35-seat silent PC room
  • A new 69-seat silent postgraduate taught reading room

  • Increased toilet facilities with a gender neutral, environmentally friendly toilet suite
  • A total of 101 additional study spaces throughout the building.

Improvements and new features 

  • Improved water supply and drainage throughout the building
  • Improved ventilation in the rooms
  • State-of-the-art Dyson desk lights in the postgraduate taught reading room
  • New energy-efficient lighting
  • Gender neutral toilet suite with the very latest design in taps by Dyson – hands can be dried in 12 seconds at the sink with no need for users to move to a separate drying area and therefore no water dripped onto the floor.

Sumeera Ahmad, Student’s Union Vice President Education, comments: “I am really excited for students to start using all the new spaces made available to them! I hope they find the library to be the perfect environment in which they can study and learn.” 














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