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Bilingual speakers of English and Italian needed for study on morality

Friday 2 December 2016

We are looking for male and female participants to take part in a study looking at morality in bilinguals. Participants must be either:

  • Italian native speakers with English as a foreign language, or
  • English native speakers with Italian as a foreign language.

You will be asked to read four scenarios, each followed by several questions, and to fill out two short questionnaires. The study should not take more than 35 minutes to complete. You will be compensated for your time with £5.00 in cash, or if you are a first-year Psychology student you will be compensated with 3 course credits.

If you are interested, you can either email n.j.kambakaragedera@se13.qmul.ac.uk to arrange a time and date or book a time slot on SONA (under “Morality and Bilingualism”) if you are a Psychology student.

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