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QMUL Student: Georgia Miller

Thursday 28 April 2016

Georgia is a final-year student at QMUL. She recently worked with the Young Greens Society to raise over £2,000 for charity. Student Communications Intern, Kajal Kumar, caught up with Georgia to find out more about running charity events for students at QMUL.

Georgia Miller

What subject do you study at QMUL?
I am an undergraduate in Comparative Literature.

Are you very involved with the Students’ Union and societies?
Before we started the Young Greens Society last January I had not paid much attention to the SU; however since becoming involved I have experienced the amazing work the SU (special shout out to the RAG team) and other societies do in the university community and locally.

What is it like running a society such as Young Greens?
I won’t lie, running a society isn’t easy – especially on top of a degree – however the amazing response we got from people from the very start has made it a thousand times more fun and all the hard work is worth it.  I’m very lucky to have a great committee and members who make everything we have done worthwhile.

We heard about your amazing ’noughties club night at Drapers, which raised over £2,000 for charity. How did this feel?
It was amazing! We couldn’t have done it without our awesome DJs, Sean and Doug, who approached us to do the ‘90s night back in December. But once we pulled it off we had to keep going.  We had our Flawless night in aid of the UK Network of Sex Projects in March and we have a very exciting collaboration in the works – so lots more to look forward to and get involved with.

You have raised a lot of money for RAG (Raise and Give) since the start of the year. What inspires you to raise more?
As a group we wanted to put on a night that played good/bad music and when people were willing to pay for that it seemed obvious to put the profits towards charity.  Luckily everyone liked the idea so much we sold Drapers out twice. After seeing Drapers buzzing from our hard work and ideas we just had to keep going and put on more events.

What are your top tips for other societies looking to host big events?
Just do it! The SU are there to help your society reach its potential and if you tap into anything special and new, people will love it.

What are your dreams for after graduation? 
I’m graduating this summer so it’s fast becoming reality! Lots of job applications underway at the moment so we’ll see on that front but with our AGM and handover as well, hopefully the Young Greens will live on with a strong legacy on campus.

Facebook: facebook.com/QM-Young-Greens
Twitter: @QMGreens

Georgia was recently interview by QMSU after the Young Greens topped the Adopt a Charity leaderboard: qmsu.org/news/article/6965/Young-Greens-Top-of-Adopt-a-Charity-Leaderboard

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