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Audio visual upgrade in central teaching rooms

Wednesday 27 April 2016

As part of the Teaching Room Refurbishment programme, 17 teaching rooms were upgraded with new audio visual systems during the Easter vacation. They are located in the Garrod Building at the Whitechapel campus and the Queens', Francis Bancroft, ArtsOne and Law buildings at the Mile End campus.

Eight large rooms
The following eight rooms will have electrically height-adjustable desk-style lecterns and modern control panels with consistent user interfaces which are customised to the QMUL standard layout. Three of the larger of rooms will have new Q-Review lecture capture facilities installed.

Arts One 1.28 (Q-Review)
Francis Bancroft 4.26 (Q-Review)
Queens EB1 (Q-Review)
Garrod 3.04
Francis Bancroft 1.01
Francis Bancroft 1.02.6A
Francis Bancroft 2.41
Queens EB4A

Nine small rooms
Due to space restrictions, the following nine smaller rooms will have wall mount units to house the PC and AV equipment instead of lecterns:

Arts one 1.25
Francis Bancroft 1.06
Francis Bancroft 3.17
Francis Bancroft 3.20
Francis Bancroft 3.24
Francis Bancroft 4.24
Law G3
Law 3.06
Law 3.08

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