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Beyond Flanders Fields: The Great War in Belgium and the Netherlands

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Date: Saturday 4 June (10am-5pm) – Sunday 5 June (10.30am-5pm)
Location: ArtsTwo Lecture Theatre, Mile End campus

At the centenary of the First World War, many events have been organized in the United Kingdom to commemorate its military events, its socio-political consequences and its cultural legacy. Of these events, very few have paid attention to the fates of Belgium and the Netherlands. Although it was Belgium which was the first goal of German troops in August 1914, and its occupation had long-term consequences for its people, much of the study of the military and social history of the Western Front concentrates on northern France. The Netherlands is largely forgotten as a nation affected by the First World War.

This conference intends to address some opportunities that are still left unexplored regarding the First World War in Belgium and the Netherlands. By opening the field beyond the military and beyond the front, the organisers of the conference Beyond Flanders Fields offer a platform from which the interdisciplinary and international nature of First World War scholarship will be extended. The scholars who present at the conference will do so with the aim of collaborating on a peer-reviewed collection of essays, and part of the conference will be dedicated to a workshop with a joint publication in mind.

Tickets for students are £10 per day (includes lunch and refreshments) and can be purchased here.

For further information visit the Beyond Flanders Fields Website.

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