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Students’ innovative ideas awarded at the Library Innovation, Vision and Enterprise finals

Tuesday 5 April 2016

The QMUL LIVE (Library Innovation, Vision and Enterprise) competition asked students to come up with ideas to improve the Library – from changes to its environment, to the service provided, the study areas available, and everything else.

The overall winners: Hira Javid and Jacob Hall

Five finalists, selected by students through an online vote, presented their ideas and vision at a judging and awards ceremony held at the Mile End campus on Wednesday 23 March.

The presentations were judged by a panel comprising members of staff from the Library, Student Services, the Campus Community Fund and Marketing & Communications, alongside Imran Hussain, the QMSU Vice President for Education.

The ideas ranged from introducing hand sanitiser, whiteboards and more computers in the Library, to ways to reduce ‘desk hogging’ and finding out which seats are available. Each of the finalists won a £100 voucher after having presented their ideas and taken questions from the judging panel.

The judges went on to deliberate on a final winner of an additional £500 voucher. They opted to split the prize between the two finalists whose ideas overlapped on the issue of reducing desk hogging and ensuring students know where the free desks are. Hira Javid and Jacob Hall will now work together on a holistic solution to this problem, which the Library will look to implement.

Pat Simons, Acting Director of Student Services, who presided over the event, commented: “We were delighted to have such a strong response to the competition. All the finalists had great ideas for how we can improve the Library to support modern learning needs. The judging panel was very impressed by the professionalism of the presentations, and would like to thank all entrants to the competition for sharing their views on what we can do to improve our services.”

The finalists (left to right): Ahmed Mahlous, Dee Okunga and Yaminul Islam


A full list of the finalists and their ideas, along with the three shortlisted runner-up ideas which each also won a prize of a £100 voucher, can be found below.

Funding for the competition came from the QMSU Campus Community Fund for Arts, Culture and Student Experience, QMUL Professional Services and Santander Universities.



Say no to desk hogging – Hira Javid
Use an egg timer to save an unoccupied desk for a short period. When it runs out, clear the desk so other students can use it.

Whiteboard notes – Yaminul Islam
Fit whiteboards on selected desktops and study tables for students to make notes, cutting down on the use of scrap paper.

Hand sanitiser – Dee Okunga
Supply hand sanitisers in the libraries to help students use the study facilities hygienically.

More computers – Ahmed Mahlous
Replace unused library shelving with more computers for students to use.

Free desk space – Jacob Hall
Produce a live display of all free desks in each area to save students time when looking for a study space.


The LIVE competition judges (L-R): Imran Hussain, Sue Grant, Pat Simons. Tania Rhodes-Taylor and June Hayles


Shortlisted runner-up ideas

Coffee machine – Reeya Jain
Install a hot drinks machine in Whitechapel Library to provide quick and affordable motivation for students.

All-round toilet access – Suraiya Shah
Create an access route to the toilets at the Whitechapel Library that can be used at all times of day.

Hot drinks ordering – Jacob Hall
Create an app or website for users to order hot drinks from the Learning Café to reduce queues and allow students to spend time studying not queuing.

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