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Join Formula Student team at QMUL!

Thursday 31 March 2016

Queen Mary Formula Student is a team comprising students from QMUL aiming to build and race a Formula One car at the Silverstone racing track. The society is generally about building young people’s communication and team-working skills to achieve the main goal of attending the IMechE Formula student event. The team is not just looking for the students studying degrees such as engineering, but also anyone interested in learning, being self-motivated to complete their tasks, and being able to cooperate well with other team mates.

The team is split into two main areas: engineering and operations.  Engineering is further split into five engineering teams: chassis, powertrain, electronics, drivetrain and suspension. Operations is responsible for all the administration and finance of the team in order to maintain progress for the car.

Requirements for the Formula Student team:
·         Good communication skills
·         Good team-working skills
·         Self-motivation to learn all the necessary skills required to successfully complete tasks
·         Willingness to ask for help from and cooperate with other team mates as our society is not just about attending the competition and racing our formula one car.

The team is really about students building their confidence and acquiring skills that they can use in their everyday lives.

Find out more about joining the team:
Twitter: @QueenMaryFS
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Queen-Mary-Formula-Student
Website: www.qmformulastudent.co.uk

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