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Society profile: Mathematics Society

Thursday 3 March 2016

The Mathematics Society is one of many academic societies at Queen Mary Students’ Union. Student Communications Intern, Kajal Kumar, caught up with Mathematics Society President, Gabriella Kwolek to find out more.

When was the Mathematics Society created?
The Mathematics Society has been set up for quite a while, but within the last two years, it has really grown and made a huge impact on students. 

What are the aims of the Mathematics Society?
The aims of the Mathematics Society are split into three categories:
- ACADEMIC: Aimed at expanding your knowledge about mathematics. You will learn something that you won't come across in lectures.
- CAREER: Aimed at helping our members see all the different career opportunities available to people with a mathematics degree, and helping them become more employable.
- SOCIAL: Aimed at enlarging our community by enjoying fun events.

Maths society members


What kind of events do you hold for your members?
We hold various type of events to meet our aims. Some of our most popular ones have been a monthly lunch we hold in the foyer in the Mathematical Sciences building, movie nights where we watch films like ‘The Imitation Game’ and ‘The Theory of Everything’, academic talks given by various guest speakers such as Matt Parker, Peter Cameron and Jim Webber. We also held our second ‘Mathematics Impact Day’ and attended the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications’ Early Career Mathematicians’ Conference.

You recently took a trip to Germany - how amazing was it?
The Germany trip was a fantastic experience. I would love to go again with everyone. During our stay we got to see Greifenstein Castle, Mathematikum and the world’s first hands-on Mathematics museum. We also joined the Frankfurt on Foot Tour, climbed the Main Tower in Frankfurt, discovered Giessen City and tasted the amazing German schnitzels and beer. We all had an amazing time and we can now say that we know a little more about Germany!

The Mathematics Society won ‘Society of the Week’ at QMSU! How did this feel?
I was absolutely delighted when we received the ‘Society of the Week’ award. It was fantastic to know that all the hard work we put into the society was getting recognised, and that our members were enjoying it.

As President, of the society, what do you enjoy most about your role?
As President, I really enjoy working with my team to plan all the events and taking part in them. It is amazing to see that by leading a team, and pushing them harder, we can achieve everything we have planned to.

Are there any specific achievements or highlights that you would like to mention?
I think the biggest highlight so far has been the trip to Germany. There was a lot of planning to do, especially since it was abroad, but it was definitively worth it. This has inspired us to plan another large scale event this semester.

Any exciting plans for this term?
We have various events planned for this term, some being: our own conference evening, a games day, enjoying the movie Pi on Pi Day, our monthly lunch, a fantastic Annual General Meeting in Drapers, joint events with Accenture and a camping trip in Wales.

How do you plan to expand your society over the coming years?
Over the coming years, once the new committee has been chosen, we plan to expand the society by having a meeting with them to explain what we have done and how we could have improved, what problems we came about and how to tackle them. I believe this will help the society grow and become even better.

Where can students find out more and keep up to date with your society?
Students can find out more by following us, or by visiting our QMSU webpage
QMSU: https://www.qmsu.org/groups/maths/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/qm.maths.society/

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