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Mandarin language and Chinese culture courses

Friday 8 January 2016

Interested in learning or improving your Mandarin this year? Whatever your needs, the Confucius Institute at QMUL has a course for you. The courses on offer range from beginner to advanced.  

There are six timetabled modules each week, as well as bespoke modules, which can be tailored to match your individual learning requirements. The teachers, who all have experience and training in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language, are native speakers. Classes are small and, with online support also available through QMplus, learners should quickly acquire the basic Mandarin language skills.

Whatever your motivation for learning Mandarin, you will find a friendly welcome at the Institute, and classes which will quickly help to improve your language skills.

For more details about the various courses available please see the Confucius Institute’s website. You can also contact Oley Begum by email: confucius@qmul.ac.uk

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