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Managing stress workshop from the Advice and Counselling Service

Thursday 7 January 2016

Stress is very common for students in university and is likely to increase at certain times of the academic year.  Some people manage stress better than others and while experiencing stress is inevitable how we respond to it can be more or less helpful.

Procrastination is another major problem for students and thinking that we are not managing our workload well can certainly exacerbate the pressure we feel.  

The aim of this 90 minute workshop is to provide you with information about these problems and get you thinking about how they relate to you through discussion with others.  There will also be tips on good stress management, a chance to practise relaxation techniques as well as getting information about other support and resources you can access.

Booking onto the workshop

In order to attend a workshop you simply come to reception at the Advice and Counselling Service on the specified day - no booking is required. The next workshop takes place on Wednesday 27 January.

There are 12 spaces per workshop and we allocate them on a first come, first served basis.  You can sign up from 3.45pm on the day of the workshop which will start promptly at 4.15pm.

You can find details of future workshops here: http://www.welfare.qmul.ac.uk/our-services/workshops-and-psycho-educational-groups

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