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Volunteers needed for joint decision making experiment

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Jieyu Lv, a PhD student in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, is looking for 240 individuals (over 18 years old, male or female) who are willing to complete a research study investigating a joint decision making task.

You will attend the experiment with another participant sitting in front of a computer. You are not allowed to talk with the other participant unless the experimenter asks. The experiment will take around 30-40 minutes. There will be two participants in the same slot and friends are requested not to choose the same slot.

Tokens representing money will be used during experiment and will be converted into real money at the end, meaning you will earn between £4 and £14 based on your performance.

If you’re interested in taking part, please contact Jieyu at j.lv@qmul.ac.uk or 07517 566885.

This study has been subjected to ethical review assessment by the QMUL Research Committee QMREC1190.

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