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Success stories from our students

Monday 10 August 2015

Our students have been doing some incredible things in the past couple of months. Did you hear about the medical student who saved a woman’s life on the street and was featured on national television? Or did you know about the two QMUL film mentors who took seven school students to the Cinémathèque Française in Paris to show their film to an international audience of young people? Or another medical student who won a national prize for her essay on clinical radiology in the UK?

Students from QMUL won the £10,000 grand prize at the Destination Hack event

And there are the students in QMUL’s Dawson Hall who won sixth place in a Europe-wide energy saving competition, achieving a 10 per cent reduction in energy usage in their halls of residence compared to the last academic year. We also had a group of students travel to Honduras on an international health volunteering project to provide aid to deprived rural communities that otherwise would have no access to essential healthcare or reliable water sources. Not to mention the start-up co-developed by QMUL students that enables travellers to use spare baggage capacity on flights to help charities, which won the £10,000 grand prize at the Sabre Destination Hack event. And only last month, a first-year QMUL student took the top prize at an IBM Best Student Recognition event in Amsterdam.

And of course we’ve just said a huge congratulations and good luck to almost 4,000 students who graduated from Queen Mary in our summer graduation ceremonies

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