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Identity fraud warning

Thursday 2 July 2015

Please be advised that a scam has been attempted on a number of overseas students over the past few weeks at universities around the UK. The students involved have been contacted by someone pretending to work for the Home Office, requesting personal data, including passport numbers and confirmation of addresses.

The caller did already have the students' full names, dates of birth and home addresses. In the latest incident, the female student refused to give any information and the female caller became angry and threatened the student, stating that there was a warrant for her arrest and that the police detain her for up for 72 hours.

The common link it seems (although not proved) is with Lyca Mobile, which was also the service provider for other potential victims of a similar scam last year.

Action Fraud have been informed. If you do receive one of these calls, please do not give out any personal details and end the call as quickly as possible. If the calls persist, then contact the police.

You can check the Security webpage for advice on a range of personal safety issues.

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