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Results, transcript and degree certificate information for finalists

Wednesday 24 June 2015


We know that final year students will be anxious to receive their final results and award, and hope the information below is useful for you.

The official results publication dates are:

  • Undergraduates: 8 July 2015
  • Postgraduates who are due to be awarded in the summer: 27 July 2015
  • All other postgraduates :  2 November 2015

By the end of the official publication date you will be sent an email to your Queen Mary email address with your results attached.  You will also be able to view them in your MySIS record by clicking on the link in your MySIS in-tray or by viewing them on your 'My Details' page in the ‘Assessment and Progression Information’ section.

Your School/Institute may publish provisional results after the School Exam Board (i.e. before the above dates), however please note that not all do.

Transcript and degree certificate.

A graduate transcript will be posted to your results address a week to ten days after the official publication date, so please make sure that your results address is up to date and your full name is correct on MySIS before 8 July  (for those being awarded in July) or 2 November (for postgraduates awarded in November).  

If your name is recorded incorrectly on your student record you must let the Student Enquiry Centre know before the above relevant date, otherwise they will not be able to change it. Further information can be found on the Student Enquiry Centre’s web pages.

If you require additional copies of your transcript or an award letter please see the Student Enquiry Centre’s website to find out how to request these.

Your degree certificate will also be posted to your results address within three months of your award date. Please see our website for further details.

Periods when we cannot produce transcripts

Please note, due to provisional results appearing on transcripts whilst they are processed and confirmed at the exam boards, there are periods of time when the Student Enquiry Centre cannot provide academic transcripts.  These dates are:

  • Undergraduates (non-MBBS & BDS): 1 June – 7 July 2015
  • Postgraduates†: 1 June – 26 July and 28 September – 1 November 2015
  • For students taking late summer resits: 28 August – 9 September 2015

†Not all Schools and Institutes consider continuing postgraduates’ results in their summer exam boards.  If they do not, we will not be able to provide you with a transcript until the official publication date of 2 November 2015.

Degree Verification

You may be applying for work now and require your degree to be verified.  Information for current and previous students and third parties regarding how to obtain a degree verification can be found on the Student Enquiry Centre’s degree verification webpage.  

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