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Male art students needed for creativity study - earn £10

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Judit Petervari a PhD student from the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, is looking for male art students/artist volunteers to participate in a study investigating the creativity of different ideas. The volunteers do not necessarily need to be affiliated with QMUL but must be aged between 18-65 years and not suffer from any neurological conditions. Each participant will be reimbursed £10 for their time and effort.

If you sign up for the study, you will be asked to complete several self-reporting questionnaires, a short reaction time task and read a series of project ideas followed by a few simple questions (takes between 40-70 minutes depending on reading speed).

All data will be kept anonymous and strictly confidential complying with the data protection act (and you can withdraw from the participation at any time

If you are interested email Judit Petervari at j.petervari@qmul.ac.uk explaining your art background.  Testing is under way now and will close on Friday 12 June. Please only apply if you are available at the Mile End campus during this time.

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