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End of year information for international students

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Now that the exams are nearly over, you may be thinking about what comes next.

Working over the summer

Many undergraduate students see the long summer vacation as an opportunity to gain valuable work experience or undertake volunteering opportunities. You can find work experience through the QMUL Careers and Enterprise Service and the Students Union has a very active volunteering programme.

The official term dates can be found here. Please note, you have Tier 4 (General) Student immigration permission, even if your exams finish before the end of the examination period, you cannot work full time until after the end of the exam period.

If you are a taught postgraduate student, the summer vacation would count as term-time as you are expected to be undertaking work on your dissertation/project.

For more information see our guidance.

Traveling and re-entering the UK

In the summer, some students either return home to see family or use the UK as a base to explore other countries. To avoid problems returning to the UK, see our web page.

We have a guide for international students traveling in Europe.

Working in the UK after your studies

If you are finishing your studies this year, you may be starting to think about your options for working in the UK after your studies. See our guidance.

Inviting family and friends for graduation

Many students look forward to celebrating their work with their family and friends. To help your family and friends apply for UK immigration permission to join your celebrations, see our guidance.

Re-sits and taking time out

Not everyone is successful all the time. If you fail some of your exams you may need to re-sit. Even if you are successful, you may not be ready to come back to your studies next year. For more information about what to do in these circumstances, read our guide.

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