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Update on the disruption to the water supply at Mile End Library

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Frequent visitors to Mile End Library will have been aware of the water supply problems affecting the building lately. First floor toilets have consistently been closed between 3pm and 7pm and the drinking water supply on the upper floors has been impacted.

However, early last week a temporary solution by Library Services and Estates and Facilities was successful, and further work is now being undertaken to find a more permanent solution. The Library and Estates and Facilities are closely monitoring the situation, and will continue to do so until the end of 24/7 service. Students and staff will be updated of any changes in the service. A leak in the external pipe work into the building has also been diagnosed and work to investigate the exact location and then make repairs will start as soon as possible, keeping noise to a minimum.

The drinking water supply from the fountains is still problematic and until further notice, alternative supply of water will be provided. Bottled water has been provided in the last week and water dispensers are now being brought in.

Both Library Services and Estates and Facilities wish to thank library users for their patience during this period of disruption and give assurances that investigations into improving infrastructure to Mile End Library is a high priority in the coming months.

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