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Notice regarding forced entry to academic buildings

Tuesday 28 April 2015

In recent weeks there have been instances when students have remained or been found on academic buildings when their access control does not permit them to be there. This usually involves the security of the external doors being compromised and on occasions damaged either by student(s) forcing the doors to exit or access the buildings. The Estates team would like to highlight the following passage from the Code of Student Discipline.   

Code of Student Discipline

Regulations for the management of student misconduct

Definition of Misconduct

(j) Theft of, damage to, or defacement of, College property or the property of staff or other students of the College, caused intentionally or recklessly.

The Estates team would like to take this opportunity to advise all students that if the circumstances of such incidents suggest that any damage to university property is wilful and/or intentional then the matter will be referred to the ‘Code of Student Discipline’ misconduct process.

If you are within any academic building without the proper authorisation and are unable to exit, then please contact Security on 020 7882 5000 who will be able to assist. Likewise if you are unable to gain access to any academic building, please also contact Security. Under no circumstances, unless there is an imminent threat to your personal safety, should external doors be forced open or closed.

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