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Student Media - Politics Made Public Launch

Thursday 9 April 2015

Politics Made Public (PMP), one of the Students’ Union’s eight student media groups, launched the latest issue of their Public Life Magazine at The News Building on Tuesday 10 March 10. A 17-storey office block in the London Bridge area, the building is home to all of News UK’s London operations, including The Times, The Sunday Times, HarperCollins and The Wall Street Journal.

PMP partnered with Bite The Ballot, Milkround and the national Student Publication Association for the release of their fourth edition, which was ‘inspired by Nigeria and Boko Haram’ according to the issue’s editorial. The magazine features additional articles on the death penalty, the Umbrella Movement and Chinua Achebe amongst others.

Attended by students, industry professionals and representatives from the partner organizations, this event marks PMP’s most recent success after being established as a student media outlet only 18 months ago. In their short life-span to date, they have published four compelling and insightful editions of the Public Life Magazine, in addition to expanding to other universities such as Royal Holloway, Exeter, Sheffield, Plymouth, Aberystwyth and Cambridge. Through the magazine, the students and contributors at PMP hope to fight political apathy, reignite general political interest and make politics ‘simple, approachable and interesting.’ 

Read the issue here.   

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