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QMSU Societies: Games and Video Gaming Society

Monday 5 January 2015

The Queen Mary Games and Video Gaming Society won the award for most improved society 2013/14 and are one of the most popular societies on campus. We caught up with them to learn about the society and why they’ve been so successful.

About the Gaming and Video Gaming Society

The main aim of the society is to let students access both video games and tabletop games without the heavy price tag as well as helping people to unwind and meet like-minded people. Depending on the event, we meet up to play video games (think Call of Duty, League of Legends), RPGs (like Dungeons and Dragons), board games (such as Monopoly) or card games (like Cards against Humanity), and generally relax and have fun.

The society was originally made up of three, separate societies (PC, Console, and Board Gaming), which was merged just over two years ago. Since then we’ve grown massively and can cover pretty much anything and everything that people want to play. We now have 158 members.

We won the "Best New Society" award last year and we have national ranked Magic Judges in our member base, as well as some highly skilled League of Legends players who represent Queen Mary in the National University E-Sports League.

The table top side of the society generally meets twice a week – Tuesday evenings for table top gaming, and Friday evening for card games. Video Gaming generally meets every other week, but for a longer period of time.

To learn more about the societies meeting times sign up to their newsletter or look on their Facebook page.

How can people get involved?

If people are wanting to come play, they should check out our Facebook page, as we post all our events here.  There's no commitment to come to loads of events, and the majority of our events are free for everyone (although some are only for sub payers).

We're the second largest interest society and we have events every week. We're really friendly and give you the chance to play games you otherwise couldn't afford on a student budget.  

The Gaming and Video Gaming society are always looking for people to help out at the events. It doesn’t require much effort, just keeping an eye on equipment and generally helping out by keeping things tidy, answering people’s questions, and helping to pack away after the event.

We’re always looking to buy more equipment to help run the society and provide a better experience for our members, which will mean larger and more involved events with more games and things to do. If you have any ideas on how to do this or want to learn more about the society, please contact us through one of the links below:

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