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More Space - making classrooms available for private study

Tuesday 9 December 2014

A pilot project will run between December 2014 and March 2015 for students to use seven rooms for private study in the Francis Bancroft building, Mile End campus, when they are not booked for teaching.

The availability for all these rooms can be checked here and you are free to use the rooms at any point when the time slots are coloured green. The availability of the rooms for use outside of the timetabled hours will also be displayed in the Frances Bancroft foyer on one of the digital display screens, on Mile End Library display screens, via the mobile app, and via QR codes on printed notices on display outside each of the rooms.

We would welcome feedback from students on this pilot. For example did you use the rooms rather than study in the library or why did you decide not to use the rooms?

Share your thoughts at morespace@qmul.ac.uk or #Fbpilot on Facebook and Twitter.

After the pilot concludes feedback will be collated and presented to the Student Experience Advisory Board, which has representatives from the university and the Students’ Union, who will recommend next steps.

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