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St Benet’s Chaplaincy

Monday 24 November 2014

St. Benet’s Chaplaincy is a Christian chapel, located near Queens Building on the Mile End campus that is open to all students and staff between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. There are two areas within the Chaplaincy, the first is the Chapel and the second is the Lounge. Different events take place every day – from prayer and mindfulness meditation, to movie nights and the Knit-a-Soc Society – so come along and see what St Benets has to offer you.


  • Daily prayer
    8.30am - 9am every weekday morning
  • Mindfulness Meditation
    12.30pm to 1.15pm every Monday - not religious, no charge, no booking.
  • Roman Catholic Mass

    1pm every Wednesday
  • Simple Holy Communion or Sliced Bread - our own version of lectio divina (simple Bible meditation)
    1pm every Thursday

The Lounge

  • Mondo Movies
    7.30pm Monday evenings
  • We show DVDs from all around the world in our own cinema.
    Free admission. Bring your own popcorn. The current programme is on the Mondo Movies web page.
  • Knit-a-Soc Meeting – QMSU student knitting Society
    3pm – 5pm every Wednesday
    6pm – 8pm every Thursday
  • Student Minds Meeting - QMSU student mental well-being society
    4pm – 6pm fortnightly on Tuesdays

For more information about St Benets Chaplaincy click here 

For information about any upcoming events visit the Facebook group here 

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