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World View 2014: School of Geography photo competition winners

Friday 31 October 2014

From the British Museum in London to the Mueller glacier in New Zealand, QMUL students captured their view of the world for this year’s School of Geography photography competition.

With entries from across the School, this year’s images were inspired by four categories designed to help students think about geographical themes: ‘My Place in the World’, ‘Resilient Earth’, ‘City Life’, and ‘Boundaries’.

British Museum, London by PhD student Francis O'Shea
Winner: Francis O’Shea, PhD student. British Museum, London.
“I recently started taking wide-angle photographs and I wanted to find places that emphasise the distortions that result from wide angle imagery. The Reading room and glass roof in the
British Museum is a subject that is often photographed, however in this image the overwhelming stature of the reading room compared to the individuals cast in the blue light of dusk create a unique and striking composition.”

Runner-up: Cianna Wyshnytzky, PhD student. Seven Sisters, Sussex.
“This photo shows the resilience of England’s coastal cliffs and remarkable shape our landscape can take. Constant wave action, dictated by forces outside of our planet’s direct control, has eroded and sculpted these iconic landforms and will continue to do so. This photograph is therefore a simple snapshot in time, capturing a view that will never be seen in person again.”

Seven Sisters, Sussex by PhD student Cianna Wyshnytzky


To see all the images submitted, visit the School’s Flickr pages: qmul.geography

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