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QMUL Societies: Film Society

Wednesday 29 October 2014

We caught up with Queen Mary’s Film Society to hear about what they have planned for semester one.

About the Film Society

At only £5 for a year’s membership, the Film Society is a great way for students to have the chance to attend screenings of a diverse range of films, including cult classics, box office hits and world cinema. With local cinemas charging up to £10 entry per film, the Film Society offers an inexpensive and engaging alternative. The society meets once a week on Thursday evenings at 6.00pm, in QMUL’s own Hitchcock Theatre on the ground floor of ArtsOne, where they show each week’s film. As well as blockbusters, the society aims to screen films that might be underrated or overlooked, in order to give students a broad understanding of the cinematic world.

The weekly screening is followed by a group trip to the local Wetherspoons, for a chance to chat about the film and socialise with it’s other members. Rosemary Koper, the society’s Vice President, describes the film meetings as ‘great opportunities to meet people from other departments who share an interest in cinema. Watching a film together is an amazing bonding experience! We really gelled as group last year after the shared experience of watching Far North…’

Coming up for the Film Society

The society is planning to run film quizzes, movie marathons and host a Christmas party. They will also be holding screenings that are collaborations with other societies, including the LGBT society, the Anime society and the Rock and Metal societies. An example of the type of event they hold is last year’s Tarantino marathon, which involved staying up to the early hours of the morning and watching four of Tarantino’s films back to back.

Getting Involved

The easiest way to get involved is to attend a screening and see if you like it! You can also like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter to hear about their upcoming screenings and events, and you can buy your membership on their QMSU page. Rosemary describes it as ‘the society that requires the least effort on the part of its members – you just show up, watch a film and then go to the pub for a chat!’

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