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Get ahead in your studies with Learning Development

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Learning Development is a student support service, located on the first floor of the Mile End Library and online at www.learningdevelopment.qmul.ac.uk. We offer students offer students practical guidance with their learning and assignments, and the chance to improve their work and study habits. At Learning Development you can:

  • Book a one to one session to discuss your work with a tutor
  • Get advice on your writing from a published writer, one of our Royal Literary Fund Fellows
  • Download one of our quick guides on Writing for Assessment, Using Sources Effectively, and Preparing for Exams
  • Drop in for help with maths, statistics and science
  • Attend a presentation skills workshop
  • Go on a writing retreat for a day

We welcome all students in all schools across QMUL and all our undergraduate activities are free. Have a look at our website www.learningdevelopment.qmul.ac.uk to see how we can help you.

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