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Information on meningococcal infection and Men C vaccination

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Queen Mary has received a letter from Public Health England telling us that one of our students has been diagnosed with meningococcal infection, which can cause meningitis or septicaemia. The student concerned is responding to treatment and making a good recovery. Close contacts have been identified and offered a short course of antibiotics as a precaution. We understand that the chance of a second case occurring at QMUL is very small, but nevertheless you should familiarise yourselves with the symptoms because early recognition of the illness is critical.

Please read the factsheet  from the Meningitis Research Foundation and should you or anyone you know display these symptoms – and remember they do not all have to be present and can occur in any order – please seek immediate medical help and advice. For those of you on campus, please call the on-campus emergency team on 3333. Students living off campus should phone 999 for an ambulance, for which in cases of emergency treatment there is no charge.

We would also encourage you all to contact your general practitioner, if you have not already done so, to speak about the meningitis vaccine and the ongoing protection it can offer. The NHS has produced a leaflet about meningitis and septicaemia aimed specifically at university students which gives more information about the vaccination programme.

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