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Sustainability Day at QMUL

Wednesday 1 October 2014

MrRecycle More

On Friday 19 September the Estates and Facilities Directorate and Green Mary held their first Sustainability Day at QMUL, promoting the importance of sustainability to staff and students. The event was a huge success, engaging students and staff at the Mile End campus and beyond. Mr RecycleMore, the 20ft purple Binbot, and the smaller BabyBot were the event’s star guests. The robots pulled in large crowds as they toured the campus giving out recycling advice. Facebook and Twitter were flooded with pictures of the two, spreading awareness of sustainability to those who could not attend the event.

Through the presence of an energy bike and eco driving simulator in the Library students and staff learnt the value of energy in an interactive manner. Outside the Curve ‘Love Smoothie’s’ blender bike proved popular with thirsty staff and students who peddled their way to a free drink. The day also promoted cycling with free cycle maintenance with Doctor Bike, cycle training, and security marking all of which were well attended through the day.

Finally, in partnership with the National Union of Students, QMUL promoted the Green Impact and Student Switch Off projects to staff and students. Working with our Resident Assistants, a total of 193 students living in QMUL’s Halls of Residence signed up to take part in Student Switch Off. Further, 68 students expressed interest in volunteering as Green Impact Project Assistants who support staff Green Impact teams.

For more information about Sustainability @QMUL and future events send us an email: sustainability@qmul.ac.uk. If you are interested in setting up a staff Green Impact team in your department please contact greenimpact@qmul.ac.uk.

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