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QMUL Societies: Law Society

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Law Society members

A big congratulations to QMUL’s Law Society (QMLS), who were recognised as Society of the Year 2013 -2014 by the Students’ Union! We took some time to find out more about one of QMUL’s most successful and thriving societies.

About QMLS
The Law Society is the largest on campus, with 437 official members and over 1,000 followers on their Facebook page. Membership is only £7 a year, which can be bought online or purchased at the Student Union Hub. You do not have to be studying Law to join the society, as they welcome students from any subject who has an interest society’s aims and activities. Students from all years, departments and disciplines are welcome to attend any of the events, meaning you can maintain your active interest in Law on the side of studying for a Drama or Mathematics degree.

The Law Society organises a vast range of career, academic, social and sporting events which ultimately enrich the experience of Queen Mary students who are interested in pursuing a legal career. QMLS has held many successful networking events, workshops and lectures, and last year hosted the first Queen Mary Law Ball, which was an excellent evening involving a three course meal at the prestigious Lincoln’s Inn, followed by a boat party along the River Thames. QMLS aim to host plenty of networking events, inviting representatives from a wide range of renowned law firms, and a range of workshops, which aim to improve skills such as CV writing and preparing for interviews.

Over the course of this academic year, QMLS aim to host as many events as possible, in order to provide the members with a wide range of activities. The first events this year have been the Freshers’ Welcome BBQ and the Initiation Night Out, whilst their main event will be to host the ‘Law Society on Tour’ in Paris in 2015.

Words from QMLS’s president, Meenal Selvaratnam:
‘Studying Law can be pretty taxing, and having only three years to figure a career plan out can be pretty daunting. Being part of the Law Society has given me the best social experience at university through its social events as well as a solid support system for my career aspirations. I have most enjoyed meeting so many different people from such different backgrounds, and sharing their journey on their path to becoming a successful professional in the legal sector.

The Law Society won the Society of the Year Award due to its commitment to delivering an excellent experience to all of its members. As a non-profit organisation, we aim to ensure we use all funds in a way to give the most back to our members, and we desire to go beyond expectations and deliver prestigious events at impeccable standards.

The committee behind the Law Society itself consists of a cohesive, compatible and extremely hard working team, who thrive off the challenge of delivering an amazing experience to all of our members. We have thoroughly enjoyed working together to bring great success to the law society over the past year, and we look forward to doing the same again this year.’

Find the Law Society online:

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