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Information and support for new international students

Friday 12 September 2014

Immigration issues
If you need to make an immigration application to continue your stay in the UK, follow the detailed written and video guidance on the Advice and Counselling Service website to ensure your application meets the strict Home Office requirements.

If you are switching to a course at QMUL from another UK institution, you will need to make a new immigration application before you can enrol. This is explained in more detail here.

If your existing immigration permission was granted for you to study at QMUL and you are now enrolling on to a different course here, the Home Office have agreed to a temporary arrangement for courses that start on or before 01 November 2014. This allows HEI's who have Highly Trusted Sponsorship status (such as QMUL) to enrol students who already have immigration permission to enrol on a further course at the same intuition before they have made their immigration applications. Once you have enrolled, you will need to make an immigration application before your immigration permission expires or within 6 weeks (whichever is sooner).

Money Matters
Use the guidance on the Advice and Counselling Service website to help you:

  • Open a bank account
  • Plan and manage your budget
  • Get financial advice if you need it

Contacting Home
Moving to a new country is an exciting time - especially when you’re living and studying in a city like London. Although there are lots of opportunities to make new friends when you’re here, we know it’s important to also keep in touch with your friends and family back home. The Advice and Counselling Service has a web page explaining different ways of contacting home.

Making the most of your time in the UK
International Students House is a social, cultural and recreational centre in the heart of London. It’s a great place to meet other students, and to join in with a wide range of activities such as social events, day trips and weekends away to other parts of the UK and Europe.

HOST UK is an organisation which promotes international friendship and understanding by arranging for international students studying in the UK to spend a day, weekend or Christmas in a British home. You just have to pay a fee of £60 per visit, plus your travel costs. If you want to apply for a Christmas visit, the deadline is 17 November. For detailed information about the Host scheme, and to make an application, go to their website.

Do you need further advice?
You can find out more about the Advice and Counselling Service and how we can help you at www.welfare.qmul.ac.uk

To contact us, you can:

  • email us via our website
  • call us on 020 7882 8717
  • visit our Reception on the ground floor of the Geography building, Mile End campus

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