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Start building your CV now with the Experience Works fair

Friday 12 September 2014

If you are looking to build your CV this term or earn some cash to support your studies then make sure you attend the Experience Works fair on Thursday 2 October in the Octagon.

This annual event features a range of paid and volunteer work experience opportunities both on and off campus that you can apply for.

There's no need to register, so just drop in and see what’s on offer.

Experience Works
Date: Thursday 2 October
Time: 5:00-7:00pm
Venue: The Octagon, Queens’ Building, Mile End campus

In addition to a number of other exhibitors, the QM Careers and Enterprise Centre’s QRecruit & Enterprise teams will be on hand to tell you more about the range of CV enhancing opportunities they offer QM students. These include

  • QInterns finds paid short-term internships exclusive to QM students and recent graduates.
  • QTemps sources paid and part-time and temporary work on campus and in the local area that you can fit around your studies.
  • QProjects works with local charities to coordinate work experience projects designed to build your CV, improve your future job applications and make a positive impact in the community.
  • Enterprise Programme offers information and advice to students interested in starting their own business about funding opportunities, upcoming enterprise events, and mentoring opportunities for QM students to work with younger students from a local school.

For a full list of QRecruit’s current internships, jobs and work experience projects visit www.careers.qmul.ac.uk/qrecruit. To learn more about all the services the QM Careers & Enterprise Centre offers QM students visit www.careers.qmul.ac.uk or drop by the Queens’ Building room WG3.

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