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QMUL Societies: Economics Society

Friday 12 September 2014

QMUL Societies: Economics Society

QMSU’s Economics Society won first prize for the Academic Society of the Year 2013-2014. We caught up with Jake Seed, the society’s President, about what’s in store for the Economics society this year, and how you can get involved!

What kind of events do you organise? What are some past events that have been successful?
We always have a wide ranging programme of events in each semester. Our careers events bring in industry professionals and highly respected employers to provide all attendees with the tools needed to be successful in that particular industry and provide tips that help with applying for internships and graduate roles. Over the last year we have hosted successful events with the Bank of England, Citi and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

Academic events provide a different experience, with an emphasis on bringing in thought provoking speakers and providing attendees with the chance to share refreshments with the speaker and quiz them on their views. In the past year we have hosted distinguished speakers such as Paul Mason, Sheikh Bilal Khan and Anton Kreil.

Keep an eye out as well for our social events, with the launch party just around the corner!

Do you have to be studying economics to join?
Of course not! The Economics Society’s committee is made up of students from all disciplines, helping to ensure our events have a broad appeal. Our academic events cater for anyone with an interest and curiosity about the world we live in, whilst our careers events bring in companies from such wide ranging industries as banking, journalism, the Civil Service, start-up firms, the list goes on! To top it all off our regular socials provide a great chance to meet like-minded individuals at Queen Mary.

The Economics Society won the Academic Society of the Year for 2013 – 2014. Congratulations! Why do you think the Economics Society won?
I think the fact that, despite being classed as an Academic Society, we hold so many varied events helped us win the coveted award. Our combination of careers and academic events helps us stand out as one of the best societies on campus. Our membership size and regular high turnout at all events stand as proof of how popular and helpful to students the society remains!

What events do you have coming up?
The aforementioned launch party is being finalised and will be a great chance to meet the committee and fellow students. Already we have confirmed events with the Bank of England, Oxford Business Group and a trading workshop with Karl Cheng. This is just a snapshot of the events we have planned for our members next year!

How can joining the Economics Society improve students’ lives at Queen Mary?
It provides a great platform to meet fellow students with a shared interest and shared goals. From personal experience the society has been hugely important throughout my time at Queen Mary; I’ve met so many of my good friends through the society and was able to secure an internship through a professional I met at a society event!

What have you most enjoyed about being a part of the Economics society?
The chance to hold a conversation with so many eminent speakers and companies is an opportunity that few people can enjoy, but the Economics Society has given me the chance to do so. That, and the free drinks at socials!

How many members does the Economics Society have?
At the end of last year we had well over 400 members and we hope to grow even larger this year!

How much does it cost to join?
An absolute bargain at £2 for a complete year’s membership. This gets you free entry to all our events and a free drink at our launch party!

To find out more about the Economics Society, visit their website or Facebook page!

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