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Maths student to embark on charity Africa road trip

Wednesday 30 April 2014

This September, Tristan Doumen, a third year undergraduate Mathematics student, will be undertaking a four month long road trip, from Cairo to Cape Town, spanning 11 African countries along the way, with the aim of raising awareness and funding for charity.  Tristan will be undertaking the road trip, alongside his girlfriend Emma, in order to raise awareness and funding for two UK based charities, Tusk and Corner of Hope.

Tusk is a holistic charity that focuses on conservation through education and empowerment of local communities, encouraging a balance between an expanding demography and a cornered wildlife. Corner of Hope is a pilot project of Educateurs Sans Frontières, who promote Montessori education globally.

Tristan and Emma hope to further their understanding of how people can help, by visiting some of the charities’ projects. They will visit one of Tusk’s projects in each of the countries they visit. Tristan said: ‘Along the way we hope to visit many of our endorsed charities' projects, from schools to training colleges and conservation programs, in order to better understand and convey the needs of such ventures, and consequently raise awareness and funds for them proportionally.’

Their trip will take them across Africa and is set to be an incredible experience for the pair, but also a brilliant opportunity to raise awareness and funding for two very important causes.

Tristan spoke of the highlights of his time at QMUL: ‘QMUL offers such a wide range of opportunities that it's hard to do justice to all of them, but the chance I was given to do my whole second year abroad was definitely the best of them all. I was able to earn credits from an Australian university, travel extensively and go straight into third year on my return - I definitely recommend it. These chances don't stop when you leave QMUL, you just have to try a little harder to make them happen. That's why we would love and appreciate any support we can get from the QMUL community: share the love, and our website! As a proud QMUL student and alumni-to-be, I would love for this project to be a flag-bearer of what we are capable of here at QMUL.’

If you would like to find out more and offer support, visit their website where they will be blogging on a weekly basis to keep you updated, support them on their fundraising page or follow them on Twitter.

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