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Pint of Science Festival – 19-21 May

Wednesday 30 April 2014

Pint of Science is an International Science Festival and its coming to a pub near you from 19-21 May. There are 14 universities participating and over 150 volunteers and the format is simple: three days of down-to-earth talks by top scientists in the most relaxed setting possible – the pub! Whether you’re a total nerd or simply enjoy a bit of a natter over some liquid refreshment, these talks will engage you with fascinating stories, discoveries and fun facts to amaze your mates.

QMUL will provide its contribution this year by presenting a series of talks with the purpose of sharing the great research that is done in our university every day, in a fun and accessible way.

Talks are divided into three themes:

  • Matters of the Mind
  • Our Body
  • Physics, Engineering, and Chemistry 

Key speakers from QMUL include: Prof. Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke, Dr. Fulvio D’acquisto, Dr. Gabriella Ficz, Dr. Ben Still, Dr. Matt Parker, Prof. Ania Korszun, Dr. Caroline Brennan and many more. There’ll also be some light relief on hand from acclaimed Belgian comedian Lieven Scheire. Who says science and comedy can’t mix? 

Tickets are £2; visit the website for full event listings: www.pintofscience.com

QMUL Pint of Science is organized by QMUL students Giulia De Rossi, Suborno Ghosh, Abbie Fearon, Giusi Piras, Lorenza Rattazzi, Samuel Brod, Ann Katrina Krämer, Sophia Rachel Goldberg and Linda Cremonesi. 

For further information please contact g.derossi@qmul.ac.uk 
or visit Facebook and Twitter (@pintofscience)

Pint of Science is a non-profit organisation and all your ticket money will go towards future events.

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