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Summer is on the way – get ready for your next step

Wednesday 30 April 2014

As examinations and deadlines begin to loom you can be forgiven for not thinking too much about what happens after you walk out the door at the end of term. However, there is loads you can do to get yourself ready for a first step on the career ladder with QMUL Careers.

Get yourself ready for your next step

Get feedback on your CV / application for work or further study, or speak to a Careers Consultant about choosing your next step and how to get there. To book an appointment call the Careers & Enterprise Centre on 020 7882 8533.  If you are graduating this year join GradClub at www.gradclub.co.uk so that you can continue to use our service after you graduate

Upload your CV onto QRecruit.

If you haven’t yet made plans for the Summer, or after graduation upload your CV to our QRecruit service: www.careers.qmul.ac.uk/qrecruit. This will give you access to the latest internships and temporary work opportunities for QMUL students and graduates.  

Check out QMJobOnline.

QM JobOnline is one of the biggest job boards around and features thousands of new graduate job, student and graduate internships, and part time opportunities advertised each week. Have a browse at www.careers.qmul.ac.uk/jobs

Take a look at our website.

Our website contains a huge amount of information – with guides on topics such as  assessment centres and application forms, networking and starting your own business: www.careers.qmul.ac.uk. See the QM Jobs blog for the latest news, tips and advice: http://qmjobsblog.wordpress.com

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We post links to articles, events and jobs on www.twitter.com/qmcareers and www.facebook.com/qmcareers follow and like us to keep in touch

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