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Summer work opportunities - help develop Queen Mary’s learning resources

Thursday 3 April 2014

While studying, ever thought you could have benefitted from a clearer explanation of something in your subject?  Ever looked at your module learning resources and felt you could do better? Now is your chance! As a student you have a unique insight into how students learn and how to explain things to other students. You might feel for example that a video would explain things better than a pdf, if so create that video! Alternatively perhaps existing lecture slides could be turned into a versatile revision resource through additional images and narration.  

Learning Development has technical expertise to help you and can provide funding to pay you to turn your ideas into learning resources that can make a difference. More information contact Tim Morgan, t.morgan@qmul.ac.uk, or visit the Learning Development website: www.learningdevelopment.qmul.ac.uk/resources/bystudents.

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