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QMSU Elections 2014 - the results

Thursday 3 April 2014

Queen Mary Students’ Union opened its elections on Monday 3 March, giving students the chance to choose their 2014/2015 student representatives. This year’s elections saw a massive 3,572 votes, which is an amazing 839 more votes than last year. Elections are the perfect way to get involved in shaping the future of your time at QM, by either running for a position or following the campaigns and voting for the most suitable candidates to represent your interests. We talked to two of the successful candidates Carolina Mantzalos (Vice President for Education Elect) and Sam Rowles (Vice President for Barts and London Elect) about how they found the election experience.

Positions available included specific Mile End and Barts and London roles as well as cross campus positions. There was a combination of paid full time and voluntary part time roles available and the opportunity to run for a position was open to all students. Candidates promoted their policies through manifestos, videos, posters, blogs, photograph campaigns, tweets and open debates, with many making themselves available for discussions around campus, specifically Library Square on the Mile End campus. The results were announced on 6 March at a results party which was hosted at Drapers, with the event being broadcasted live on the QMSU website.

Perhaps the most fiercely contested positions were those of the four full time Executive Officers. The winners were Dola Osilaja for President, Carolina Mantzalos as Vice President for Education, Mashalle Asim as Vice President for Welfare and Sam Rowles as Vice President for Barts and London. Dola, Carolina, Mashalle and Sam will be taking over this summer from 2013/2014’s Exectuive Officers Sarah Sawar, Gaby Dale Leal, Kat Nordanger and Ali Jawad.

Words from the winners on the Election Process:

Carolina Mantzalos (left) Vice President for Education Elect

Carolina Mantzalos, VP Education Elect: ‘The weeks leading up to the elections have definitely been the most dynamic, intense and entertaining weeks of my entire university life. Not only did I stand in library square with the rest of the UniON slate either dressed as a lightbulb or handing out flyers, but we spoke and laughed with students, gave lecture shout outs, created a UniON news feed, filmed videos, and most importantly got to meet all other students running who made it all the more enjoyable. Had it not been for these weeks, maybe I would never have met so many interesting and dynamic individuals. It is because of this that I like to think of the Elections Results night as the celebration of the friendships that we formed, the people we met, and all the fun and effort everyone had put into campaigning over the preceding few weeks.’



Sam Rowles Vice President Barts and The London Elect

Sam Rowles, VP Barts and London Elect: ‘Unfortunately life doesn’t stop because you are running for a position. Having not run for a position before, the whole campaign was a little bit of a baptism by fire. That said, I had an amazing two weeks and wouldn’t change any of it! The moment that voting closed, I felt a wave of relief wash over me. I was content in the knowledge that I had done all I could, and the results were now in the hands of the gods. I told myself from this point onwards I would be relaxed and calm, there was no need to get nervous and nothing could be changed now. As if that would last! When the announcement came that I had won, at first I was just shocked. It took a long time for that surreal feeling to wear off, in fact I still wonder whether it all must has been one big mistake! I am so excited and I know the year ahead is going to be incredibly difficult and a steep learning curve, but I can’t wait to experience it!’

Well done to all students who campaigned and made this year’s elections such a big success! A full list of winners can be seen below. There are still some positions open and there will be a by-election opening after the Easter break.


Dola Osilaja

Vice President Education:
Carolina Mantzalos

Vice president Welfare:
Mashalle Asim

Vice President Barts and The London:
Sam Rowles

Student Trustees:
Mika Schroder
Ali Jawad
Ben Gray

NUS Delegates:
Katarina Nordanger
Sam Doherty
Ozzy Amir
Sam Playle

Student Council Chair:
Samer Haque

Commercial Services Officer:
Aston Chang

Student Media Officer:
Hannah Ballard

Humanties and Social Science Faculty Representatives:
Raifa Rafiq
Matt Mahmoudi

Science and Engineering Faculty Representative:
Imran Hussain

Postgraduate Research Representative:
Sam Miles

International Representative:
Evelina Gocheva

LGBT Representative (Mile End):
Adam Sparkes

Multi-Cultural Representative (Mile End):
Sara Ramjean

Disabled Students Representative (Mile End):
Matilda Marcilio

Womens Representative (Mile End):
Ellen Tansey

Welfare Representative (Mile End):
Jacquetta Bridge

Societies Officer (Mile End):
Stella Tsantekidou

Sports Officer (Mile End):
Nuran Ozyurt

Volunteering Officer (Mile End):
Lakshika Nadarajah

Barts and The London Faculty Representative (Pre-Clinical):
Christopher Smith

Barts and The London Faculty Representative (Clinical):
Adel Boparai

Barts and The London Faculty Representative (Dental):
Nima Sakthithasan

Postgraduate Taught Representative (Barts and The London):
Alidad Daftari

International Representative (Barts and The London):
Narmadha Kali Vanan

LGBT Representative (Barts and The London):
Ana King

Multi-Cultural Representative (Barts and The London):
Hussain Iqbal

Campaigns Officer (Barts and The London):
James Lambert

Welfare Representative (Barts and The London):
Margaret Sheekey

Dental Society President:
Ankur Patel

Vice President Barts:
Oliver Trampleasure

Vice President London:
William Atkins

RAG Officer (Barts and The London):
Katie Lock

Societies Officer (Barts and The London):
William Atkins

Sports Officer (Barts and The London):
Aleksander Rula

Volunteering Officer (Barts and The London):
Harriette Pearson

Secretary (Barts and The London):
Oliver Johnson

Alumni Officer (Barts and The London):
Dave Vedage

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