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Queen Mary Masters Investment Fund competition event – Wednesday 27 March

Thursday 27 March 2014

The Queen Mary Masters Investment Fund (QUMMIF) will be launching the QUMMIF Investment Competition on Thursday 27 March at 5pm in the GE Fogg lecture theatre, Mile End campus. The competition will gather eminent speakers, city practitioners and scholars engaged in the finance and investment industry.

QUMMIF is an actively managed student-led investment fund which aims to educate students on the professional practice of active investment and fund management, investment research and analysis, and trading of financial assets. QUMMIF is already managing £18.5k of assets, since it began in March 2012.

The event offers a unique opportunity to hear and network with investment professionals, to learn about the postgraduate students involved in QUMMIF and their positive fresh outlook to investment research strategies along with their first-hand experiences.  The event is open to all Queen Mary students, staff and alumni.

The competition involves QUMMIF teams presenting investment report on where to invest in the financial market. There is £1000 reward for the top five investment research reports presented on the evening. A panel of judges will assess each presentation alongside the group’s research reports to the standards of those published by the investment firms.

For more information and to register your place visit www.groupspaces.com/qummif.

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