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Café Scientifique – Thursday 6 March

Friday 28 February 2014

The next Café Scientifique will take place on Thursday 6 March, from 6pm in the People’s Palace foyer on the Mile End campus. Café Scientifique evenings are regular events for PhD researchers and research staff. The idea of the event is to create an informal, relaxed atmosphere where researchers from all disciplines can meet and chat, and also present their work and ideas to a general, friendly audience.

A typical evening would consist of short presentations from researchers, wine/soft drinks and pizza, and other activities such as a quiz, a debate or a creative challenge.

The talks at this event will be from:

Jacob Smith (School of History) "A Victorian War on Terror: 19th Century forerunners to current anti-terror conflicts "
Mohammad Al-Mosawi (Institute of Dentistry) “X-rays: Revealing the unseen truth”
Ed Hughes (School of Physics & Astronomy) Title TBC

If you would like to come, please book a place at www.esdcourses.org.uk/coursedetail.php?id=4047

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