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Raise and Give's Jailbreak is back!

Friday 28 February 2014

Queen Mary Students’ Union’s Raise and Give (RAG) society are once again holding a fundraising Jailbreak event, in which students are invited to get as far away from QM as possible within the space of 36 hours – without spending any money on transport!  The teams will be setting off at 9.00am on 29 March.

Registration is now closed, but you can get involved by supporting QM’s teams by sponsoring them and tracking their progress over the course of the event. A competitive edge has been added to this year’s event, with the Queen Mary Students Union RAG challenging the Barts London RAG – whoever raises the most and gets the furthest away wins!

Each participant has paid £20 to take part and must raise a minimum of £60 sponsorship, with all proceeds being divided up between QM RAG’s funds which give to a number of nominated charities, including Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind and Reach Out Mentoring.

You can sponsor your teams and track your fellow students’ progress through their Raise2Give page, one has been set up for QMSU and one is set up for BLSA!

The event has been hugely successful in the past, with teams blagging their way to a variety of locations, and coming back with great memories and stories to tell. This is an innovative and fun way to raise money for important charities, so be sure to get involved and sponsor your favourite team!

QM student Axel-Charles Monin Nylund took part in last year’s Jailbreak and told us about his experience…

Why did you decide to take part in Jailbreak last year?

My friends Ayushman Kaul, Jack Thomson and I had heard about it from previous participants – it seemed like a fun time so we went for it. We didn't really plan much but ended up in Köln (Cologne) all thanks to the help of a German woman called Nadine and her van, "The Joker". She drove us from Dover to Köln and although we didn't manage to convince the airline company at Köln Airport to give us free tickets to Turkey, we made a really good run for it.

What was your favourite part about the experience?

We stayed in Köln a couple of days and simply enjoyed the trip as we planned our way back. Although busking and talking our way from place to place was exciting, I took some good photos while we were there and we explored a lot of the city. The bus ride home is a bit of a foggy memory after the ferry from Calais, but I can remember coming home to my bed and falling asleep almost immediately!

How can students get involved to support the teams?

If you haven't signed up, help your friends by donating to their pages! You'll also be able to track their progress on a map as they change location. It's QM vs Barts, so get in the spirit of things and help promote your teams!

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