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Have you got the app

Friday 28 February 2014

We recently launched a free mobile application for students at Queen Mary. The aim of the app is to make everyday life at QM a bit easier, by making timetables, library features, PC availability, campus maps and much more available in one place. So far 5,000 of you have downloaded and are using the app, and it is expected that this number will continue to climb as students begin to use the app as an essential tool in their day-to-day life here at QM.

Are you making the most of the app?

The app has been designed to meet the everyday needs of QM students, and so it has a number of useful features. So far, the most used feature by students has been the Timetable, with over 8,000 clicks to date, with the Email and Library Services functions in close second and third. Other features that have been heavily used include: PC availability, Your Union, social media feeds, campus maps, transport advice and QM Plus.

How can I get the app and what if I have any questions?

Visit my.qmul to find out more about the app, and how you can download it. On this web page there are also some frequently asked questions, so if you are still having trouble finding certain information or using some of the features, take a look to see if it is easily fixed!


Feedback is welcome, and there is a function based within the app to let you do this, under the ‘settings’ tab. Keep an eye out for further developments and updates in order to ensure you’re not missing out!

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