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Getting stressed about exams? Procrastinating over your work? Get tips on how to deal with these common problems

Thursday 2 January 2014

The Advice and Counselling Service are running a series of workshops throughout the year, which aim to help with two of the most common difficulties’ amongst students, managing stress and procrastination. The workshops, led by James Oliver, a trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, are free and will run most months. Workshops will be run in small groups of 6-8 people that will ensure you have opportunities to apply the learning to your own situation and develop strategies to keep you on the right track.

Managing stress workshop

Stress is our emotional and physical response to pressure and is a normal part of life in that we all experience it from time to time.  Low levels of stress can be useful helping us to concentrate on a goal, or highlighting something that we need to change.  However, too much stress can start to get on top of us and interfere with our lives.  

Student life is fraught with potential stressors – everything from giving presentations to writing essays to taking exams - not to mention the added pressure if you are living away from home.  This makes learning about stress and how to manage it better an important skill.  

While how well we cope with stress varies from person to person there are things you can do to try and manage stress better. It is important to learn how stress affects YOU individually and to have a range of strategies for reducing the pressure.  

This 90 minute workshop aims to help you learn more about how stress might be affecting you and how to manage it better.  The session is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and the format will be interactive leaving you with some practical ideas and strategies for better stress management. You will begin to:

  • Recognise stress symptoms
  • Understand how stress impacts our thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Identify stressors
  • Learn strategies for better stress management

Stress workshops will take place on:

  • Wednesday 15 January 16.15 - 17.45
  • Wednesday 12 February 16.15 - 17.45
  • Wednesday 12 March 16.15 - 17.45
  • Wednesday 7 May 16.15 - 17.45

Booking a place

Booking will open for each workshop approximately two weeks before the event. Places can be booked via the Advice and Counselling Service website.

Procrastination workshop

Most people will identify with ‘putting off’, ‘postponing’, ‘delaying’, ‘deferring’ or ‘leaving to the last minute’.  This is often how we describe procrastination in everyday life and is a common part of human behaviour.  It is not ‘laziness’ rather it is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be done and often doing something of lesser importance which helps to disguise this avoidance.  

Procrastination becomes a problem when it leads to significant negative consequences and contributes to a sense of distress.  It can, of course, be a particularly difficult problem for students and others who have to meet work deadlines.  So why do we avoid doing things that we know have to be done and how can we try and change our habits?  

There is no magical cure for procrastination. The aim of the workshop is to raise your awareness of the problem processes and get you started on making a change.

  • Think about your patterns of procrastination
  • Explore the main reasons for procrastination
  • Elucidate the personal and emotional meanings which contribute to the cycle of avoidance
  • Provide ideas and tips for changing unhelpful habits

Procrastination workshops will take place on:

  • Wednesday 29 January 16.15 - 17.45
  • Wednesday 26 February 16.15 - 17.45
  • Wednesday 26 March 16.15 - 17.45
  • Wednesday 23 April 16.15 - 17.45

Booking a place

Booking will open for each workshop approximately two weeks before the event. Places can be booked via the Advice and Counselling Service website.

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