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QM Societies: New Turn

Thursday 2 January 2014

The New Turn society is an independent political society, which was founded at QM and has continued to grow, and is now a London wide organisation. As a politically neutral society, its key aims are to get young people to become more aware of modern politics, and encourage them to have their own ideas and opinions on current events. New Turn intends to put the headlines into a more student friendly context, in the hope of sparking debate and discussion amongst its members.

About New Turn

In its first year, New Turn won an award for the Best New Society, and went on to win the Best Society for the following two years in 2012 and 2013. Now in its fourth year, New Turn is rapidly growing and has already become the biggest independent student society in London, and the third biggest political society in the UK. Its popularity and success has meant that New Turn is becoming a very well recognised and respected name, not only around QM’s campuses but further afield.   

New Turn regularly has visiting speakers, discussing a huge variety of topics. The event ‘Is Terrorism still the greatest threat to global stability?’, held in October 2013, featured speakers Sean O’Callaghan, former head of the IRA’s Southern Command, and Brian Carney, Editorial Editor of the Wall Street Journal. The society also holds members only ‘In Conversation With’ meetings, where thirty members can attend an intimate, conversationally based discussion with influential thinkers, and have the opportunity to have dinner with the group afterwards. This gives a fantastic opportunity for members to network with significant people from a variety of industries, as well as possibly seek advice for their own futures.

Andrea Scheel, President of New Turn, said " It is hard to pin point my one favorite thing about New Turn. There are so many incredible speakers and events going on all the time, not to mention the schools workshop we run. Nevertheless, my favorite thing is the community of incredible students from all over London. When I came to London to study three years ago - not knowing a single soul and with very limited knowledge of the political world - the New Turn family took me right in and taught me the ropes of being a student. The variety of different political views and interests really makes you open up your mind and challenge your own views of the world ".

Coming up in 2014

New Turn has a lot planned for 2014, most notably the ‘Women in the 21st Century’ conference which will be held at QM on Tuesday 18 February 2014. All students, members and non-members alike, are welcomed to come for a day of discussions based around women’s positions within the 21st century, with a range of talks, including titles such as ‘Capitalism and Feminism – are they compatible?’, ‘Should women support Positive Discrimination?’ and ‘Women and the fashion industry’, delivered by over 40 different speakers.

With planning underway since June, this conference is set to be the biggest Feminist conference ever to be held in Europe. With such an opportunity on our doorstep and tickets at only £25 for students and £15 for members, it is a really exciting event for all students at QM to support, and one which is bound to be a huge success.

Geting involved with New Turn:

Membership for the second semester is only £5, and gives you free entry to all of the New Turn events, a £10 discount on the feminist conference ticket, as well as a year round discount at the Drunken Monkey on the Mile End campus.

If you are interested in membership, applying as a volunteer or representative, or finding out any more about New Turn and its events, feel free to contact the society’s chair, Andrea, at chair@newturn.org.uk.

In addition to speaking and networking events, New Turn also has volunteers who visit sixth forms around London to run six week long workshops, in a hope to get young people more politically active. Recent workshops have focused on topics such as diplomacy, the financial crisis and employability. New Turn already have 40 volunteers taking part and are keen to have more students involved in the project. As well as volunteers for their workshops, New Turn are looking for people to fill their representative roles - such as a campus representative to help promote New Turn and its events around campus, as well as an opening for a photographer position within the society.

As well as brilliant academic opportunities, New Turn has regular socials, providing a warm, welcoming and sociable community for students. The society welcomes students from all political, religious and academic backgrounds, and encourages independent thought and creative discussion amongst its members, in an intellectually engaging yet relaxed setting. Membership with New Turn offers fantastic support to your degree, as well as an enhancement of your time as a student in London.

Words from the Vice Chair, Carolina Mantzalos:

“One would think a student goes to university in order to achieve a degree and take a further step through the door to a professional field. However, student life is much more than that. Being a student allows you to find out what your skills are, where your interests lie, and how you can become actively involved within different parts of society alongside other students. This is where New Turn comes in. This society has brought me knowledge that I did not have on current affairs, has helped increase my networking skills and has, most importantly, made me feel part of a community that I cannot imagine being without during my student years.

A student does not need to come from any specific political affiliation, need to know much about current affairs and certainly does not need to be studying politics or international relations in order to come along to our events. The key to an experience with New Turn is to expand our knowledge, and broaden our networking skills within an area of interest. Don’t be shy, come along, join our community, and most importantly learn!”

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