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Drapers’ Lecture: How do we define a ‘good’ education? Are we getting one?

Thursday 2 January 2014

QM is holding the Teaching and Learning Conference, followed by the Drapers’ lecture on Wednesday 15 January 1pm – 7pm. The Drapers’ lecture, “What Determines Educational Quality?” will be delivered by Professor Graham Gibbs, Honorary Professor at Winchester University, at 6pm in the Skeel Lecture Theatre, Mile End campus. The lecture will consider whether league tables and public data really tell us much about educational quality.

I am a student - why should I attend?

The Teaching and Learning Conference is concluded with the Drapers’ Lecture that will focus on “What Determines Educational Quality?” This will be a great chance to consider by what means we, as a society, assess the quality of universities, and reflect on how QM might make extensive and substantial improvements to the value of the learning experience for its students. The lecture will consider whether league tables and public data really tell us much about educational quality.


If you’d like to attend the Drapers’ Lecture, Teaching and Learning Conference, or both, visit the event page to book your free ticket.

The Teaching and Learning Conference

While much of the conference may appear to be specifically targeted at staff and helping them to improve their own teaching practices, there will be a number of useful elements for you to benefit from and which are directly relevant to your experiences at QM. The day focuses specifically on the context of the current learner experience within the context of rapid technological advancements, and how this might be best put to use. There will be discussions about the potential value or risks of such advancements and how current staff members from different schools have introduced such tools to their teaching.  For you, this will be a brilliant chance to get an insight into how your degree is being moulded, and in what direction it will continue to develop. This conference gives you access to the foundational beginnings of the future of teaching at QM and how your experiences are being used as a starting point for this.

Talks will also cover how to improve your student experience through increasing levels of graduate employability, keeping students and staff engaged and enhancing learning at QM. These talks explore subjects which directly affect you and the future of your time at University and beyond. It will be a great chance to get thinking about exactly what it is you’re getting from your degree and how you can make the most of it after graduating, with a talk from a panel of guest employers who will outline what makes a good applicant.

The Conference programme will include:

  • Course Design and the Impact of Technology – a presentation by Professor Clive Mulholland, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Student Experience at University of South Wales
  • 'The right blend: which technologies can help learning?' – 4 lecturers from different schools will explain the tools they use in their teaching
  • 'Giving students the edge: raising graduate prospects without diluting curricula' – academics from across QM will discuss how to improve the standards of learning and improve employability rates.
  • ‘I am engaged! Are you? - Engagement is a two-way process' – This session will explore student engagement or disengagement with their programme, and how it can be handled.
  • Debate: Lecture capture does nothing to enhance learning but simply enshrines the worst of what we do in the classroom – a discussion on the positives and negatives of the lecture capture technique.
  • Drapers’ Lecture: What determines educational quality? – A lecture by Graham Gibbs of Oxford University on the methods of assessing quality within universities.

Sessions will be recorded via Q Review and will be made available to those who were unable to attend.

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