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Planned changes to University of London Union (ULU) announced

Tuesday 7 May 2013

On Friday 3 May the University of London’s academic governing body, Collegiate Council, agreed to implement changes to the University of London Union following an eight-month review process. This process was initially prompted by representations made during the previous Academic Year by five Presidents of Students’ Unions at UoL constituent Colleges.  

Collegiate Council agreed to the review group’s recommendation that ULU should cease to operate in its current form in the summer of 2014. It also agreed to retain a student centre at Malet Street, along with the services most valued by students, such as the swimming pool, gym, venues and bars, retail and other administrative support for intercollegiate sporting events.

Proposals to create a focused and well-supported pan-London campaigning and lobbying body, representing students on issues such as transport and housing, were also supported but would not be taken forward directly by the University.

As a member of the University of London, Queen Mary makes an annual financial contribution to ULU. This funding will be now be redirected to support our own Students’ Union and to maintain our students’ access to the services provided at the Malet street site.

The review group consulted widely before submitting the final report, canvassing opinion from ULU elected officers, the National Union of Students, and the leaders of the student unions of the colleges and institutes which make up the University of London. The Chief Executive of QM’s Student Union, Mike Wojick, was a member of the review group. Mike and other senior representatives from QMSU will have the opportunity to make further contributions in order to represent the needs of QM students.  

The decisions of Collegiate Council will go for approval to University of London’s Board of Trustees, which is due to meet on 22 May.

If you have any concerns or questions about the decision please contact the Vice President Welfare, Ellen Kiely at the Students' Union: vpwelfare@qmsu.org or 020 7882 8039. 

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