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Andy Smith’s column – May 2013

Friday 3 May 2013

This month saw the Students’ Association host its annual Association Dinner. This is a black-tie celebration in St. Bartholomew’s Great Hall, reflecting on the success and achievement of BL’s students and staff.

It started with a drinks reception in the Bart’s Pathology Museum where the first few awards were given out. We then moved to the Great Hall and were welcomed by a brass fanfare. A 4-course dinner was enjoyed by all, with some groups instigating various techniques for eating dessert; the no cutlery method being employed by many.

Awards were given out throughout the evening, and it was great to see these be given by members of staff who were present, including the Vice-Principle and a number of the Deans. The celebration continued into the early hours at a nearby bar, aptly named the Grand Union.

The award winners are outlined below, but all in all, there was incredibly tough competition for awards this year; but what a great situation to be in. Our sports teams continue to succeed, we have seen rapid improvement in the engagement and running of our societies and a proliferation of volunteering opportunities. This is all on a background of a number of hugely successful academic achievements locally and nationally by our students.

Thank you to all who attended the evening, and all those who have played, and continue to play, an active role within the Students’ Association.

Award Winners:
Club of the Year: Netball
Team of the Year: Rugby 1s
Most Improved Club of the Year: Water Polo
Society of the Year: Surgical Society
Most Improved Society of the Year: Dental Society
Volunteering Award: Teddy Bear Hospital
Sportsman of the Year: Jeff Hopkinson
Sportswoman of the Year: Lauren James
Male Fresher of the Year: Aleks Rula
Female Fresher of the Year: Zoë Gabriel
Most Missed Male Finalist: Alexander Jeffrey
Most Missed Female Finalist: Alice Dewhurst
Association Joker of the Year: Chris Hay
Pre-Clinical Teacher of the Year: Dr David Burleigh
Clinical Teacher of the Year: Dr Mark Salter
Association Achievement Awards:
Adel Boparai
Nithish Jayakumar
Jeeves Wijesuriya
The Association Cup: Save Bart’s Library Campaign

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