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BL’s Raggers raise over £50k for worthy causes

Friday 3 May 2013

Over the past academic year BL’s RAG society has had more than 160 students, from freshers to fifth-year finalists, taking part in a range of fundraising activities. RAG have now undertaken the majority of their fundraising events for this academic year, such as RAG Crash Course in January and RAG Week in March, and have raised more than £50,000, £17,500 of which came from RAG Crash Course.

Raise and Give, otherwise known as RAG, engages more students than any other BL society, and runs to provide students with the opportunity to raise money for charity. RAG is open to all students, across both the medical and dental school and requires no membership. RAG is also a great platform for other societies that wish to raise money for a specific charitable cause that ties in with their society activities.

RAG is supporting a long list of charities including MACS, Shelter, Health Poverty Action, VICTA, Saving Faces, Breast Cancer Campaign, Arthritis Research UK, Teddybear Hospital, Street Doctors and more. Teddybear Hospital, Street Doctors and Saving Faces are charities with student groups on campus.

The efforts of RAG are supporting research that benefits national and international populations and has a direct impact in the local community. The charity Street Doctors is a new charity RAG has been working with and involves doctors and medical students educating and empowering high risk young people to deliver lifesaving first aid at the scene of a stabbing or collapse. The charity aims to facilitate a change in attitude towards street violence among young offenders. 

This year, for the first time in BL’s history, RAG ‘Raids’ were introduced. Raids consists of setting off students on a bus or train to a different city with the single aim of collecting as much money for charity as possible. The first raid took place in Brighton during Freshers’ fortnight and there have been two more raids to Brighton over the course of this academic year. The first raid was in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign and RAG raised the most on a single day of any university who has fundraised for the charity.

RAG has also held popular events both on and off campus. On campus events have included a version of Strictly come dancing (a collaboration between BL Dance, several sports teams and RAG), Take Me Out, a pub quiz, Players and Pinups party (RAG and BLAS collaboration), and Barts Arts (a collaboration between BL Music + Choir, BL Drama + Sketch society, BL Dance and RAG) 

Off campus, 12 BL students also ran the London Marathon this year, each raising over £1,000 at least, and a RAG Fashion show was also held at SCALA in King’s Cross and BLAS Elegance Fashion show at the Barbican Centre. 

Marius Hviid Larsen, BL RAG Officer, said: ‘RAG offers a great challenge to students, helps build them as individuals and inspires a sense for charity that they take with them in their future careers and ultimately their lives.’

Visit the QMSU website to find out a bit more about RAG and how you can get involved, or email RAG@bartslondon.com.

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