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QM maintains Fairtrade status

Wednesday 10 April 2013

QM has successfully maintained its Fairtrade status and will hold it until the next renewal in 2015. Since applying for Fairtrade status in 2012, QM has been championing Fairtrade across campuses and most recently organised events for Fairtrade Fortnight to encourage staff and students to take action through campaigns.

Through its coffee bars and delivered catering services, QM and the Students' Union has made Fairtrade beverages and snacks readily available to staff, students, conference organisers and delegates. We are constantly searching for the best quality products to satisfy customers and regularly incorporate new Fairtrade produce into our catering service.

Fairtrade is a way to empower producers in poor countries so that, instead of being at the mercy of markets and big business, they are able to take control of their own economic future.

The Fairtrade Steering Group would like to thank the whole QM community for their input, suggestions and support across all of the events over the past year.

Special thanks goes to the Catering Team in the Estates and Facilities Directorate and the Students’ Union who had to pull the most amount of information together for the application (all the sales figures!) and the Green Mary students' society who have been the lead on many of the on-ground events in the last year.

Some background information on Fairtrade:

The Fairtrade Universities and Colleges scheme started in 2003 when Oxford Brookes University became the first Fairtrade University. It was quickly joined by the University of Birmingham, and the initiative really took off as People and Planet groups across the country took up the challenge.

There are now 160 Fairtrade Universities and Colleges around the UK, with many more working towards gaining Fairtrade status. In order to become a Fairtrade university or college, students and university staff must make a commitment to supporting Fairtrade. They ensure Fairtrade products are available in as many cafes, restaurants and shops as possible, and they raise awareness of Fairtrade within the university and the benefits it brings to producers in developing countries.

For further information, visit the Fairtrade pages www.qmul.ac.uk/about/sustainability/what/fairtrade/index.html or contact the Sustainability Team: sustainability@qmul.ac.uk.

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