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New Students’ Union President and team elected

Monday 8 April 2013

Throughout February and March students were busy campaigning for their chance to be elected to one of the positions in the Students’ Union for the next academic year. Votes were cast from Monday 4 to Thursday 8 March, with the results announced on Thursday evening. In total 2,733 students went online and cast their vote.

The Executive Officers, who represent students’ voices at the most senior level in the university whilst also directing the Union in the way students want it to be run and to suit their needs, were elected as follows:

President: Sarah Sawar - manifesto: www.qmsu.org/elections/manifesto/3804/
Vice President Education: Gaby Dale Leal - manifesto: www.qmsu.org/elections/manifesto/3806/
Vice President Welfare: Katerina Nordanger - manifesto: www.qmsu.org/elections/manifesto/3809/
Vice President Barts and The London: Ali Jawad - manifesto: www.qmsu.org/elections/manifesto/3862/

There were various categories of other positions elected, including the Executive Officers (President and Vice Presidents), Student Trustees, NUS Delegates, Student Council members and some additional non-representative positions.

The newly elected team will officially start on 1 August 2013.

Find out the full election results please visit the QMSU website.

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