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Worried about being able to take exams?

Monday 8 April 2013

If you have personal or health issues which you think will affect your exam performance, it’s important that you understand the procedures at Queen Mary, and take action as early as possible. The Advice and Counselling Service has a range of tips to help you through it:

Fit to sit policy
Queen Mary has a fit to sit policy. This means that if you sit an exam, you are declaring yourself fit to do so. Any Extenuating Circumstances you have cannot usually be taken into account. Read more in our advice guide on Extenuating Circumstances:

Interrupting your studies
If you have ongoing difficulties, or if you have had problems earlier in the academic year and have not been able to catch up with work you missed, you might feel that you are not able to sit your exams. You should discuss this urgently with an academic staff member and consider an interruption of study. The deadline to submit an interruption of study form is 19 April 2013. If your academic School approves your interruption of study, you should be able to take your exams as first sits at a later date.

Home students need to understand how an interruption of study will affect your Student Finance. International students need to understand how an interruption of study will affect your Tier 4 immigration permission. Read more in our advice guides about interrupting your studies:
Home and EU students: www.welfare.qmul.ac.uk/documents/leaflets/interrupting/5074.pdf.
International students: www.welfare.qmul.ac.uk/documents/leaflets/interrupting/5075.pdf

Extenuating Circumstances
If you are too late to apply for an interruption of study but you are not fit to sit exams, you are advised not to sit, and to submit an extenuating circumstances claim with supporting documentation to your academic School, to explain why you are not fit to sit your exams. You should discuss this with an academic staff member. There will be a meeting after the exams which will decide whether your extenuating circumstances claim has been approved.

For guidance about what documents are likely to be accepted as evidence of your extenuating circumstances, see:

Annie Mitchell, Advocacy and Representation Manager in the Students Union, can advise on Extenuating Circumstances claims: www.qmsu.org/advice/academic/

Registering with a GP
It is a good idea to make sure you are registered with a GP before the exams. If you are claiming Extenuating Circumstances you will need medical evidence, and a GP can normally only provide this if you see them while you are unwell.

If you live in postcodes E1, E2, E3 or E14 you can register with the Student Health Service on campus: www.estates.qmul.ac.uk/studenthealth/

If you aren’t registered with the Student Health Service but you are suddenly taken ill immediately before or during an exam, you might be able to see a GP at the Student Health Service as a temporary patient.

Exams Survival Guide
The Exams Survival Guide on the Library website includes useful information about how to look after yourself, how to deal with stress, and where to get exam preparation study support: www.library.qmul.ac.uk/exam_survival.

Free hypnotherapy for Exam Stress

Feeling worried about the upcoming exams? Thought about trying hypnotherapy to relieve the stress? Simone Davis, a trained hypnotherapist from the AkiraZen Hypnotherapy Practice is coming to QM in April and May. She will offer a number of practical, small group, hypnosis sessions aimed at conquering exam fears, reducing anxiety and allowing effective exam performance on the day.

There will be 16 dates to choose from between 22 April and 13 May. Sessions will take place in The Hub, they will last 90 minutes and are free and confidential. Visit the Advice and Counselling website to register from 9 April: www.welfare.qmul.ac.uk/index.html

How to get more help
If you would like a confidential appointment in the Advice and Counselling Service to talk about your individual situation, you can either turn up to a drop in session - every afternoon from Monday to Friday during term time (arrive between 1.30 and 3.00pm, first come first served), or contact the Advice and Counselling Service to book an appointment by:

Twitter: @QMUL_ACS
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/pj5TP3

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